Introduce my new adventure to the world – I’m moving abroad!


Hey visitors, I’m blogging for a while so now I’m going to tell you what’s on. Here you can find fashion tutorials, photos, and so on.

But now you’ll follow me in the greatest adventure of my entire life: I’m moving -out of Venice, out of Italy, for a long time -for the fist time. I’m going to live abroad for the next 6 months I think and I gonna tell you everything about my new country and my new city. I’m so excited and scared at the same. I have only two weeks for planning everything. What will change? I’ll write every single day for you guys so you can join this great adventure and discover the world with me! Are you curious? Where I’m going to live? Stay tuned for a how to move without getting crazy/how to pack like a pro post.

If you want miss anything of my adventure, subscribe to my something like a newborn online diary. Of course it’s free and you’ll receive an mail with my new posts so you won’t miss anything!


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