Hi vistors,

Welcome on my blog!

First I wanna say one important thing: overwhelm your life with your dreams, hold up and there’s a huge probability that you’ll realize what you’ve planned. People will say lot of “deep stuff” (how will you do it by yourself?/no one will care about this..) to beat you down but please, don’t listen to them.

I’m trying to realize my dream and I know it’ll be hard and difficult and whatever, but easy.

I’ll say to you: there’s lot of people like me and like you outside, so chins up and let’s do something great.

In 2030 I’ll have 35 years old and this is quite scaring cuz I’ve just written all these wonderful words about never give up, follow your dreams etc.. but the truth is that I have no idea of what my future will be. For example:

Seriously, I’m not these kind of person that could say “I’ll be a doctor/engineer/actress”, I’m just trying to live and to catch beautiful moments in my life. This what I do and I can’t say that this will be a real job but a style of life in some ways 🙂

The only thing that I know is that up to the time of you’ll support me, I’ll feel luckier than most

Up to now this is enough

-below some pics for you I’m in love with



Schermata 2015-01-30 alle 15.46.23

Schermata 2015-01-30 alle 15.55.47

Schermata 2015-01-30 alle 15.46.04

Schermata 2015-01-24 alle 12.18.28

Schermata 2015-01-29 alle 23.13.38

Schermata 2015-01-24 alle 12.28.33

Schermata 2015-01-29 alle 23.24.39

Schermata 2015-01-29 alle 23.26.09


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