From Paris with.. Chanel backpack DIY

Hi visitors,
Welcome back on my blog!

Have you ever wanted a Chanel backpack? Like the “super-mega-famous fashion bloggers”?
Happy news for you guysss 😀
Today I will show how I made my personal “super-mega-cheap C-backpack”!

For this DIY you’re gonna need

● a backpack you don’t use. I’m sure you have: it’s the moment to pull it out!
● lots of acrylic color or oil color (they’ll be very cheap I promise!)
● some paper

To realize your wonderful C-backpack choose a palette of colors: I mean, you have to think upon the color you will use.

I started painting with the green and the yellow. Then I’ve add lots of red cuz it’s the opposite of green: these two colours make a great effect together.

Then I’ve add my Chanel stencil so I’ve painted the “double C”.
Once I’ve finished to colour all the areas I removed the stencil and I repainted the LOGO with the white. So this is it!

Your dream is realized and your wallet is safe 🙂












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