My morning routine: “autumn sunrise in Venice” edition

Hello visitors,

welcome on my blog 🙂

As you know I’m very busy in this period because of my new adventure in Venice. Due to the trains and their delays I have to arrive 1 hour before the lesson beginning.

So I have to wake up at 6.00  to take the train at 7.01. When I arrive in Venice I often sit on the big steps in front of the station. There I read a book. There are always some tourists that ask me for a photo souvenir with the Venice’s landscape: it’s nice to talk with them about their almost-finished-holidays.
At the 8.15 I go to my lessons that always starts at 8.45.
I always find some friend of mine along the street. This is an aspect of Venice that I love: you are sure to see everyone you meet there again.

I’m very happy there -and lucky- you know, I do what I like -it’s great. I really hope that everybody can do what they like

—> I apologize but today is a sort of mistic day for me: it happen to me always when I read too much books in a short period. I start to focus on some big questions (?)







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