71st Venice International Film Festival

Hello visitors,

Welocome on my blog!


Lots of excitement in the air for the Venice International Film Festival today. The Venice Festival is one of the most famous in the world and there, if you’re lucky, you can found lots of journalists, filmmakers and actors. But also if you are not so lucky..
Ok, I’ll tell you, in reality you can’t not find someone famous because they’re everywhere 🙂
This is the aspect that I liked the most because you can really meet you fave actor BY CHANCE.
But let’s start from the beginning, I wanna tell you everything I’ve seen there.


The Festival is situated in the Venice Lido, so for arriving in this place you have to take the ferryboat in the ferryboat station in front of the railway station (called “Saint Lucy”).
Then you have to wait till the last stop and you’ll arrive at the Lido: a wonderful view will welcome you.
Curiosity: this is the only place in Venice where you (or your driver) can use a car




Guess who I’ve found?
When I realized that was him I couldn’t belive it! I’m talking about Bran Stark  for “The Games of Thrones“‘s fans and about Isaac Hempstead-Wright for the others:
He’s the voice of Eggs, an orphaned human boy raised by the Boxtrolls in the 3D stop motion adventure-comedy film “The Boxtrolls“.
The film will release in theaters on September 26.

Not very far from the Festival place there is the famous “Excelsior” hotel where all the famous people are housed. They arrive there with their boat and they dock at the hotel’s private pier. To get into the hotel they use a passage under the street. So fascinating!


In the afternoon I’ve met (by chance of course) a filmmaker (Pierpaolo Verga) that, I’m sincere, I’ve never heard about. The film in which he collaborated is called “Perez” and it talks about a lawyer who never broke a rule in his life, but when his daughter is in trouble he decide to do everything he hadn’t did in the past to save her life.



I can’t wait for the next year! Meanwhile I gonna watch The Boxtrolls -so cute



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