How to recreate the outfits of the most famous shop windows of Venice

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Today I’m so excited to show you some ways I’ve found to recreate the outfits of the most famous shop windows in Venice. There I found lots of famous brands like Missoni, Prada, Blumarine, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton and I’ve recreated the outfits they proposed in the shop windows with simple fashion solutions that everyone can try.

The first shop I’ve found was “Blumarine“, a very juvenile brand.

The window: a long classic black dress with a very sophisticated jacket.
This is a very elegant evening look, useful for an important event like a ceremony.

I’ve found a similar dress on amazon, but I’m sure that you can find something similar in every shopping centre. The shoes are from and the bag is from 

inspired by Blumarine 2014

Then I found Prada. Well, I’m in love with this outfit, it’s so powerful and it’s black&white. I love black& white.

If you wanna recreate that outfit you need some golden buttons for sewing them on the jacket. Of course if you wanna catch all the looks you have to find some little golden chain for the shoulders and wohalà. You’re done!

The jacket is from, the trousers are from , the white shoes are from, the purple shoes are from, the black shoes are from, the black bag is from and the pink bag is from


Prada inspired

Another from Prada: a different way to recreate a particular outfit.



To be fashionable we don’t need to copy everything perfectly. In my modest opinion the keys are the observation and the search of the detail that makes the difference.

For example in this case we can’t  reproduce an identical sweater, so we have to find a different way to revive the idea that underlies of the outfit. I recreate this outfit starting from the color and the shapes.

The principal colour is the red, as I already wrote, and of course the black. I will focus on the association black-red and I won’t use the other two colour because the outfit I’ve created is based on the sweater and on its color and its shape. The boots are in a brown-cognac color that works well with red and together they recreate an autumn atmosphere. I choose a crop top and shorts simply because I need something black and because they’re simple to find 🙂

The shape is very comfortable and soft so the kimono cardigan remind the idea of something cozy and easy to wear.

The kimono cardigan is from, the crop top is from, these adorable knit shorts are from and the cognac boots are from

Prada inspired
Last but not least the shop windows by Missoni: Black&White and “Sale Pepe” effect for the Autumn/Winter collection 2014-15 by Missoni. This is an outfit based on the detail: without sleeves it would be anonymous. So if you wanna recreate this style you have to focus on the sleeves and then you can think about the other parts of the outfit.

Sum up: to recreate a famous outfit from the shop windows you have more possibilities:

  • Find something very similar to it and associate the same model of accessories
  • Buy something similar and personalize it according with your taste
  • Focus on the details and match to them the other parts of the outfit



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