How to style the foulard according to the fashion shows Autumn/Winter 2014-15

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If someone says “foulard” I immediately think  the 50s when it was on the height of his popularity.
Even though nowadays it’s rare to see someone wearing the foulard in that way (everyday people I mean, not celebrities or similar), everyone of us have at least one foulard in the wardrobe. Maybe an old foulard that belonged to the grandma. Well

I have a great news for you: the world of fashion has ordained that it’s time to refresh it.

Prada has used a minimal version of the foulard, as if it were a necktie.
We can easly recreate it using a strip of cloth well finished: in this case we don’t need a real foulard.

If like me you found this style too minimal, you can try to use a necktie instead of the foulard. The look would appear more particular and youthful 🙂

Paul Smith has used the traditional foulard in an ordinary way. If you are in late and you haven’t enough time to fix the foulard this is your solution: you have only to match together the bag and the foulard and you’re ready to go out!

↓ More inspiration to find your personal style for this Autumn and Winter 2014/2015! ↓

Have you found some other ways to style your foulard?

Have you used one of the solution I’ve found for you?

Let me see with the hashtag #MoreFoulardStyle on Twitter @SayFeenix



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