Venice, the city on water

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Built in 452 A.D. by population seeking refuge from the Huns, Venice is one of the most famous cities of the whole world. The population has lived thanks to sea ​​products and to the commerce for centuries. The city government was in the hands of the Doge, that wasn’t like a “monarch” but like a “primus inter pares” because there were regular elections to the death of every Doge.
Doge’s Palace in St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) was the Doge’s residence. It’s situated in front of the lagoon and today it’s one of the museum of Venice.

If you like water it’s the perfect city for you!
Curiosity: you can’t use a car. They only go by foot because also using a bike is impossible to move due to countless bridges. They use taxi-boats or the famous gondolas for move around the city.

The atmosphere I’ve breathed was so exciting and and frenetic. If you like being nestled among the people, or see new amazing things this is the right place for you! You can’t see the same thing two times in Venice, also if you’re watching the same corner. Everything changes simply because of the last high water has destroyed what was there before, thus people has to fix stores or houses.
Discover” is the right word for describe the sensation you feel there. I think constantly “What I found now!”

It’s a very chaotic city, lots of people walks disorderly along the canals and sellers try to lure customers into their stores. Like it’s a huge floating marketplace.
This is Venice, full of great art and of down-and-out artists.



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