How to wear a long skirt and how to realize it

Hi visitors, Welocome on my blog! Today I wanna talk about long skirts: for centuries ladies wore only this kind skirts and now it seems that fashion designers had longing for them. These two skirts are from Valentino and Alberta Ferretti. As you can see in most cases long skirts are always high waist otherwise you will obtain a scruffy effect tending to the gypsy. Fortunately there is an advice that you can keep in mind for not make the famous mistakes of style. It’s very easy to wear a long skirt perfectly, only if you don’t put your shirt out of the skirt because it would look like compress the skirt instead of highlight it. To obtain a sophisticated effect you can wear a long jacket over the top. Personally I found that look suitable both for the day and for the evening because you can adapt it easy by changing your jewelry and your bag. Sometimes people think that if you are small you can’t wear a long skirt: Well, I think that there is the solution. Easy to find, every store has a supply of these. I’m talking about the skirt which is mini on the front and long on the back. I don’t like them in general, but some kind of them are asymmetric and this particular made the difference: I wanna show you how I reinterpreted the classic outfit made with a long high waist skirt and a crop top/T-shirt. I made the skirt by myself, it’s very easy and it takes one minute:

  • I’ve taken my american flag and I wrapped it on my body.
  • I fastened the flag with a brooch and the skirt is finished πŸ™‚

For this outfit I used a T-shirt that inspired all the look, hope you like it! photoeffect_1408702823993photoeffect_1408702653030photoeffect_1408702879045 Share if you like it and tell me if you try to do this skirt πŸ™‚ If you take some photos please let me know, thanks



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