The first capital of Italy: Turin

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Today I wanna show you what I’ve found in Turin, the first capital of Italy. The city is placed in Northern Italy as you can see in the map

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I said the first capital because Italy changed the capital five times. In 1861, when Italy was unified, the capital was Turin since 1865 when the capital became Florence (and then Brindisi, Salerno and finally Rome).

Turin was the capital of the Reign of Sardinia for four centuries and when they decided to change capital, people where disappointed because they lost their prestige. After almost twenty years in Turin took place the General Exhibition: in this occasion they built the famous Medieval Village siutated in “Valentino’s gardens”, near the river “Po”. A very fascinating place where there are also little shops full of ancient things.

During the last decades of the XX century both the rail system and the industry improved a lot, in fact in this period born one of the most famous italian car factories, the “FIAT”.

In 1932 Cesare Goria Gatti and Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia built the famous “National Automobile Museum” where there are the most popular cars of the XIX century.

The best thing if you are passionate about cars like me: you are allowed to take photo into the museum.



↓ This is the Jaguar used by Joji Koizumi in Paradise Kiss, if you like reading mangas 🙂 ↓


Every corner of Turin hide a story but if you visit the city centre this feeling increased a lot because you are in front of ancient monuments loads of charm, like Palace Madam (“Palazzo Madama” in italian) in Castle square (“Piazza Castello” in italian).

Palace Madam was built by the Romans and it was only the gateway to the city. In the Middle Ages its purpose became the defense of the city, so the the arcs has been closed and new towers were built around the castle. Only in 1637 Mary Christine of France elected the Palace as her residence starting a long tradition that gives the name to the palace.

This is Palace Madam, and some views from one of the tower




Today Palace Madama is a Museum of art structured in several plans. It starts with the Middle Age on the ground floor; then there are four other plans dedicated to other eras.

These are some of the most beautiful things you can find in Turin,

maybe I will write another article about the famous Egyptian Museum (the second largest after the one in Cairo). I love this city and its history, you know you can find the bar where used to go Cavour, a famous personality in the Italian “Risorgimento”.

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