“Chapeau Madame!”: what you find at the hats’s exibition in Turin

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Hats, hats everywhere into the tissues’s hall in Palazzo Madama (Turin).
These vintage hats belonged to rich ladies that lived in Turin between 1920 and 1970.
This time I could take some photos so I can share them with you:

  • These are some tools that craftsmen used to build hats. Tools are made in wood and in iron due to the abundance of these materials at that time. Craftsmen modeled the leather or the tissue with patience so they could obtain exclusive results for their customers.
  • Red hat! Thanks to the little fringes around the edge I think that this hat is so joyful, maybe it was made for a young lady!
  • This is elegance. Like a seashell I suppose. No words to describe this work, only enchanting. I mean, like if it had just come out from the set of the Great Gatsby. (I wanna recreate it somehow!!!)
  • At the end the funniest hats I’ve ever seen: just incredible. A color explosion for the ladies. I wish I find a way to create something similar to them 🙂

Hope you like these pics 😉
If you take these photos please let me know, thanks ☆



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